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How to Make Decoupage Candles

Decoupage is one of those crafts where the finished product is sometimes so stunning that it appears to be professionally painted. By looking at the finished product, you would think decoupage would be complicated, but it isn't.
Decoupage is actually quite simple! If you can cut and paste, you already know most of the techniques involved. Basically, you cut out pictures; you glue the pictures onto an object; and then cover the object and pictures with a few coats of glue/decoupage medium to protect it.
Of course, you can buy supplies and other items that are made specifically for decoupage. One of the nice things about this craft, however, is that you can also use supplies that you probably have laying around the house right now.
You can use whatever glass candle holders or pillar candles as long as they have a relatively smooth finish.

What You Do:

You can print your own or cut out pictures from anywhere, including calendars, greeting cards, magazines, wrapping paper, napkins etc.. Thin paper decoupages best. Cut out your designs and store them in a zip lock bag if you don’t plan to use them right away.

You can buy decoupage medium at any craft store. It is normally found with the glue. It allows you to permanently affix a picture to another object, giving the object an overall glossy effect. Make sure the glass or candle you're working with is clean. Unscented candles generally work better than heavily scented candles because the glue will not adhere properly to a pillar candle that may be slightly greasy on the outside.

Tear a piece of tissue paper into small (approx. 1 inch) pieces. Using the paint brush, brush some decoupage on to the back of one of the pieces of tissue paper. Position the tissue paper on the glass and then brush some more decoupage on top of it. Continue gluing on pieces of tissue paper, overlapping at the edges, until the entire candle holder is covered (including the bottom--set the candle holder on its top to dry). Brush one last coat of decoupage over the entire candle holder. Use damp paper towel to wipe off any excess decoupage.

When doing a multi-layered project wait until the decoupage has dried for about an hour or more. Position any 3-D objects or other layers on top of your first layer by first brushing some decoupage on the backs of the pictures and place them in your desired position on the glass or pillar candle. Brush another coat of decoupage over the entire candle and allow to dry again. After the decoupage has dried, add 2 or 3 more coats of decoupage after each coat has dried if necessary.

That's it! These candles are only limited by your imagination. Use different colors of tissue paper and a variety of pictures for different themes. You could make these with holiday themes, like for Christmas or Easter. They also make great birthday presents, hostess gifts, or party favors. They are very easy to make and you can make several of them at one time.

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