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Electric Candle Supplies

An electric candle is simply a wax shell (created with our special rubber molds), a socket and cord and light bulb.  When plugged in and illuminated the bulb gives off enough heat to warm the wax shell and fragrance your room.  The soft glow of a silicone dipped bulb gives a nice background light in a dark room or a great night light for kids.  This is a great room freshener for when you are not home or at retirement homes and college dorms where candle burning is not allowed.

An electric candle is very similar to a hurricane candle only instead of a flame inside the wax shell creating light, there is a light bulb that fits into the electric socket at the bottom of the wax shell.  They are very easy to make and take only about 3-4 hours from start to finish.  I had so much fun with these the last holiday season that I ended up with dozens at the end of my testing and everyone got them for presents!

Electric Candles can be colored, fragranced and decorated in so many different ways from country, primitive, contemporary, victorian, etc.  You can embed the candles with many different items such as shells, rocks, agate, cinnamon sticks, apple or orange slices, dried flowers, yarn, plastic, beads, buttons etc.  The possibilities are endless!  Since there is no flame - there is never a fire hazard!

We have 3 different models of electric candles currently available.  The THICK GRUBBY (pictured top rear), CUT GLASS (pictured top front) and THIN GRUBBY (pictured below).

The GRUBBY electric candles are very easy to make even if you have never made a candle before in your life!  The picture above demonstrates the 1/4" difference between the THIN and THICK type grubby walls.  It is easier to embed larger items like shells or rocks into the THICK grubby because the walls are thicker.

The CUT GLASS electric candle is absolutely beautiful in any decor.  They look great with a flower ring around the bottom.  This a more difficult candle to make than the standard GRUBBY electric candles.

Coming soon is our KEEPSAKE Electric candle mold (pictured above with the oval cutout and a photo inserted).  All you need to do is print a picture or logo on transparency film and adhere it to the wax.  What a great way to remember a vacation with a picture and a few keepsakes from the trip embedded around the sides!

When making electric candles we recommend using only cords sold as electric candle cords and silicone dipped bulbs.  We have extensively tested both products with our fragrance oils and insure that the materials used will endure heavy fragrance loads in wax.  We also recommend selling your electric candles with a pan or some type of holder on the bottom so that the wax from the shell will not adhere to furniture.  The pan or holder on the bottom also makes your product look like a "complete" package. 

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Battery Operated Tealight Candles for flameless hurricanes.  2 per package
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